University of Missouri


University Policies


For information on how to plan an inclusive event, visit the Events Page at the Accessibility and ADA Education site.

Summary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Licensing and Trademarks

Information on using MU licensed trademarks or logos can be found at the MU Licensing and Trademarks page.


All students (including organizations and departments hosting events) are subject to the rules and regulations of the University of Missouri. These policies can be found in the M-Book. Please note these important sections of the M-Book that pertain to events on campus:


  • All materials can only be posted in designated bulletin board areas.
  • The sponsoring organization must be identified on all materials.
  • Bulletin boards inside buildings may require the permission of the building coordinator or the appropriate department and may be removed at any time
  • No posters, signs, or other articles shall be attached in any way to the exterior of buildings, light posts, telephone poles, trees, trash receptacles, automobile windshields, except as approved by Business Services.
  • No chalking of sidewalks.

Hosting Events

  • Organizations cannot show copyrighted materials (Movies, Music Videos, etc.) on campus without the appropriate rights and permissions. Organizations cannot show movies on campus until permission has been granted from the MSA/GPC Films Committee.
  • If you will be using an outdoor facility during business hours on a weekday, you may only use sound amplification 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
  • The total number of individuals participating in an event may not exceed the venue capacity.
  • If you are a University entity¬† using more than $500 of University funds to pay for a performer or service, a University Contract must be completed. If you are a student group not using University money, contact Student Legal Services for help involving contracts. If you are a student organization trying to use University money for an event, please contact ORG and follow their policies and procedures. Always check with your department or organization leaders before proceeding with any contracts.
  • If food products are to be served, you must have a completed Food Permit.
  • If open flames are to be used, you must have a completed Open Flames Permit.
  • If hazardous materials (paint, chemicals, cleaning compounds) are to be used, you must obtain prior approval from Environmental Health and Safety.

If you are an officially recognized student organization, you will also want to research the policies that ORG has established at