University of Missouri


Safety and Considerations

Accessibility and ADA Accommodations

It is important to make sure all events comply with University of Missouri accessibility and ADA policies. While planning an event, make sure you are following the most up to date university policies. A phone number should be provided on event marketing where possible attendees can make a request for accommodations.

Emergency Situations

It is important to always be prepared for every emergency situation. Have event staff keep all attendees calm and contact the appropriate personnel to take care of the situation.

Fire or Fire Alarm: Know where the fire extinguishers and fire alarms are located in your venue. It is also important to know the evacuation procedure for your venue.

Tornado: Always keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day of your event. See below for information on making weather calls. Be sure to know the weather-safe zones in your venue in case of a tornado. Be sure to stay in safe zones until the warning has passed.

Medical Emergency: If there is a serious medical emergency, call 911 and find trained personnel if available. Notify the venue staff (if present) immediately.

Emergency Numbers:

Emergencies: 911
Environmental Health and Safety: 573-882-7018
MUPD: 573-882-7201
University Hospitals and Clinics: 573-882-4141


Make sure to document all injuries or incidents. Your supervisor or adviser will need to fill out a Risk and Insurance Management Form.

Large Event Safety

For large events you may want to consider having an ambulance on site, especially for outdoor festivals or concerts. To request University Hospital EMS at your event contact the Assistant Manager of Ambulance Service at 573-882-9077. Having an on-site ambulance costs $55/hour.

Outdoor Events and Weather Calls

Utility and Irrigation Locates: Campus Facilities provides utility locates and irrigation locates for outdoor events. If you plan to have any tents staked in the ground for any outdoor event, you must contact Campus Facilities-Energy Management at 573-882-3094 for a utility locate and 573-882-3094 for an irrigation system locate at least 3 working days before your event.

Sound amplification: If you will be using an outdoor facility during business hours on a weekday, you may only use sound amplification 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Weather calls: Always have a plan in case of inclement weather. You can either cancel your event, have a rain site venue , or have a rain date.

If the weather is looking bad as you approach the date of the event, it is best to make the rain call 24 hours in advance so you can get the word out. However, rain calls can be made the day of the event. Make sure to check with your venues on policies for rain calls. Notify everyone you are working with if the location is moved indoors. You also want to have a plan in place to push out the change in venue, date, or cancellation of the event to your patrons. Having signs up at the original location may help direct crowds to the new indoor location.


Make sure your venue is equipped with the necessary amount of trash cans and recycling. If you need more, the venue may have some available or you may need to rent some through Campus Facilities Solid Waste and Recycling. Make sure you have staff constantly picking up and taking out trash and recycling. Know where the nearest trash and recycling dumpsters are located.

Make sure there are restrooms available in your venue. If your event is outside, make sure to request a nearby building to be unlocked for restroom use. If this is not an option, you will need to provide portable restrooms.


For some events you may need to hire additional security staff. MUPD can provide officers for events that may require extra security, such as large concerts and festivals. To request MUPD officers or Campus Safety Officers for an event, visit the MUPD Service Request page. Pricing information can also be found on that page. In Jesse Auditorium and Missouri Theatre, venue management will request CSO’s for applicable events.


Signage can be used at your event to direct crowds to certain areas including restrooms, exits, entertainment, and food vendors.


Make sure you have the appropriate amount of event staff to accommodate the crowd you expect. This includes ticket takers, door security, ushers, runners, floaters, trash crew, food servers, and any other staff you may need for your event. For a crowd of 500 you wouldn’t want just 5 workers and for a crowd of 50 you wouldn’t want 30 workers.