University of Missouri


Helpful Planning Documents

Event Planning Timeline
Use this document as a general timeline to guide you in the event planning process. For a more detailed description of the steps involved in planning an event on campus, visit the Planning Steps page.

Event Budget
Use this document to help create a budget for your event. You can fill out this form to estimate your budget before your event. You can also use this form to keep track of your actual expenses and revenue as you go through the planning process.

Marketing Calendar
Use this document to decide what methods of advertising you will use and when each method will run. You can also keep track of the cost for each method.

Event Agenda
Use this document as a tool for the day of your event. Make sure all necessary parties have a copy so everyone is on the same page (your adviser, key event staff, etc.)

Event Evaluation Form
Use this document to evaluate your event. You may also want to create surveys to help with your evaluation.