University of Missouri


Forms and Permits

Alcoholic Beverages Request

The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited on all University property, except in the residences of the President and Chancellors and in designated facilities, and for single events or reoccurring similar events where the sale, use or possession of alcohol may be allowed by appropriate University approval, subject to all legal requirements.

The department or organization making a request to use alcoholic beverages on the MU campus must submit a University of Missouri Request to Use Alcoholic Beverages on University Property form to Event Services/Operations, at least one week prior to the date of intended use. If permission to sell alcohol is being requested, this also requires a state liquor license. In those cases, at least two weeks is needed.

Food Permit

To request a Temporary Food Permit, you must contact the Sanitarian at Environmental Health and Safety. If you or your organization will be serving food on campus, even catered food, you must request a temporary food permit. It is also important to check with your venue before arranging any food service. For more information on food policies for Missouri Student Unions, Missouri Theatre, and Reynolds Alumni Center, visit the Venue Food Policies page.

MU Info Request

MU Info is sent out every Wednesday and costs $50 per submission. You must use your pawprint and password to log in the MU Info Submission Form. Requests must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. the Friday before you would like your ad to run. Entries are placed first-come, first-serve, so the sooner you get your request in, the closer to the top your ad will run. For more information regarding MU Info visit the DoIT website.

Open Flames Permit

Environmental Health and Safety must approve all use of open flames. This includes the use of candles, oil lamps, lanterns, barbeque grills, theatrical special effects involving flames, sparks and pyrotechnics. Always check with your venue before using an open flame. The Open Flames Permit must be e-mailed for approval. When using Open Flame Permits be sure to follow all specific university policies.

ORG Forms

If you are a member of an organization affiliated with Organization Resource Group, visit the ORG website for a complete list of forms you may need to use.

Street Closure Form

If your organization’s event or fundraiser takes up space on city or campus roads—usually for a 5K or walk/run—you will need to complete a Street Closure Request Form online.

All street closure requests  now be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the date of the event. If your organization is planning any event that will require a street closure, we urge you to begin the process as soon as possible to accommodate unexpected delays, as the city will not accept your proposal if it is beyond the deadline.

To begin the street closure process, please complete the online Street Closure Request Form. Once the form is submitted, it will approved by various campus partners including the Office of Student Organizations, MUPD,  MU Business Services, and the City of Columbia.

Things to keep in mind:

  • MUPD will not approve street closures on the days of home football games, so check that schedule before setting a date for your event.
  • Only one street closure will be approved for a particular date.  Saturdays in the spring time fill up VERY quickly, so begin the process early to ensure you obtain your reservation.
  • If your closure is for a fundraiser on campus, you must submit a fundraising request form.
  • When an event requires a hard closing, your organization must fill out both the ORG form and the city form. This process will take in excess of 8 weeks because your form will be sent to a subcommittee of the city council and then approved by the city council at a regular business meeting.

Trash and Recycling Request

If you need extra trash and recycling bins for your event, first check with your venue. If your venue cannot provide extra, or if your event is outdoors, you can request trash and recycling bins through the Campus Facilities Solid Waste and Recycling Form.

Web Development Work Request

If you are a recognized student organization (through ORG) and would like to request web design services from the MU Student Life Web Team, you must complete a Work Request.

Performance Agreement

If you are a University entity, the University Performance Agreement is the form you use. If you are a student group not using University money, contact Student Legal Services for help involving contracts. If you are a student organization trying to use University money for an event, please contact ORG and follow their policies and procedures. Always check with your department or organization leaders before proceeding with any contracts.

Photo Booth

You can now rent a photo booth, through the Department of Student Life! The photo booth can be used within the radius of the MU Student Center, Jesse Auditorium and Memorial Union, for indoor and outdoor use. Transportation and use of photo booth is contingent upon the weather. Reservations must be made 3 weeks prior to your event, to allow time for approval, and art work installation.  Please visit Campus Activities Room and Equipment Request to make your reservation. When requesting the photo booth, please make a note in the other category under requesting equipment. Reservations open to student organizations only.  Fees may apply.

Risk and Insurance Management Forms

If injury, accident, or any damage occurs at an event, a University staff member will need to fill out a Risk and Insurance Management Form. Please note that it is important for students to document all injuries or incidents that occur at an event, but all forms must be completed and submitted by a supervisor or adviser.

Reserving linens

Tablecloths can be reserved through the Campus Activities Reservation web site: Campus Activities Room and Equipment Request.  Request for use of tablecloths must be made 2 weeks in advance. You will receive an email confirmation if they are available for your event. Tablecloths can be picked up at the North front desk of the CSI. All checked out tablecloths must be dry cleaned (please see linen care instructions) and returned within a week of your event.

Available tablecloths:

  • (20) Black 108 rounds- fits 60in and 72in round tables
  • (5)Black 90×132 Fits 8ft catering tables
  • (5)White 90×132 Fits 8ft catering tables